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Kunde Outdoor Equipment
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Kunde Outdoor Equipment Used Products & Equipment
Kunde Outdoor has a wide selection of quality used and/or previously owned products and equipment. All equipment has been serviced by our staff and is in operational condition.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, call to speak to Justin or Dale or email us:
Walk Mowers
Used Lawn-Boy, Toro, Mowers also Available! Call for Details.
Stihl Saws & Blowers
Stihl Trimmers

We have several saws traded in since the storm in early July and  are just getting to them to service for resale.
Sorry but we have no LARGE saws.
Give us a call for what we have. 

We have several used small STIHL curve shaft trimmers. 
Check Out our QC Craigslist ads - keyword: kunde